29 Jun 2023 Quarterly


For the second edition of 2023, we focused on the topic “Leveraging new technologies for societal impact”. Thanks to our members involved in this topic. This issue features 7 contributions on the following topics:

  • NanoSolveIT Cloud Platform’s Mobile Application Revolutionizes Access to Nanomaterial Research & Safety Information
  • Community Benefit of SABYDOMA’s SbD Technology
  • Societal Impact – Delivered by Interregional-Network Boosting Production Efficiency
  • PHOENIX-OITB Enables New Treatment for a Rare Disease: the Fabry Disease Demo Case
  • Infineon-Green-IT: Contribution to the Circular Economy and to an Inclusive Society
  • TU Graz Researchers Produce Pseudouridine by Means of Biocatalytic Synthesis
  • Smart Artificial Skin in Application Check Stage: TU Graz Researcher Wins ERC Proof of Concept Grant

Besides scientific contributions from our BioNanoNet members, reports about projects and activities, this issue also includes member interviews from Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory with Carlos Sànchez Somolinos and from COVIRABIO with Bernhard Klemen.

We hope you enjoy this edition!

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