19 Jun 2023 - 21 Jun 2023 Washington, DC, USA

Nano4EARTH session at TechConnect World Innovation Conference and Expo

Following the Nano4EARTH kick-off workshop last week (Jan. 24–25), there will be a special Nano4EARTH session at TechConnect World Innovation Conference and Expo (June 19-21; Washington, DC). This session will provide a space for entrepreneurs and scientists to share their “big ideas” with a panel of experts and receive guidance on Federal resources they could use to accelerate the commercial and societal impacts of their ventures. The deadline for submitting oral presentations has been extended to Feb. 3. Please reach out to n4e@nnco.nano.gov if you are interested in participating.

Nano4EARTH is a call to action to mobilize stakeholders in addressing barriers to widespread adoption of nanoscale solutions to the climate change crisis. “EARTH” in “Nano4EARTH” is an acronym that highlights different roles nanotechnology plays in addressing climate change: Evaluating, monitoring, and detecting climate change status and trends; Averting future greenhouse gas emissions; Removing existing greenhouse gases; Training and educating a highly skilled workforce to harness nanotechnology solutions; and developing Higher resilience to – and mitigation of – climate change-induced pressures for improved societal/economic resilience

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