12 Sep 2022 - 14 Sep 2022 Strasbourg, France

Training School on the Conjugation of Glycans onto Nanomaterials

The COST action “INNOGLY” (Innovation with glycans: new frontiers from synthesis to new biological targets, innogly.eu), with the support of the WG3 (Working Group 3: Glycan dependent fine tuning of immunity), is organizing a training school on the conjugation of glycans onto nanomaterials: opportunities in therapy and diagnosis. The event will take place on September 12th (2 pm, CET) to 14th (12 pm) in Strasbourg (France).

Applicants must be affiliated to a COST country or specific organization. The selected trainees can claim reimbursement of the mission costs to the COST Action “INNOGLY”, according with the COST Annotated Rules (https://www.cost.eu/uploads/2022/02/COST-094-21-Annotated-Rules-for-COST-Actions-Level-C-2022-02-15.pdf).

Selection criteria for participants:

The aim of the school is to train the next generation of young researchers (applicants) who are either already involved in nanomaterials science, or developing a research project that could be implemented by knowledge on nanomaterials science, or who could find in the training provided by this school, ideas for the use of nanomaterials in their research project.

The trainers are top-level scientists who are experts on the synthesis of nanomaterials with different structures and composition, and their functionalization with glycans to address specific unmet needs in immunity and cancer. In particular, they will teach how nanomaterial-based glycoconjugates can be exploited for therapeutic and diagnostic applications in cancer, infection, personalized medicine and for modulating innate and adaptive immune responses.

Applicants (PhD candidates and early career investigators, limited to 15 participants) must send a CV and a motivation letter to Cécilia Ménard-Moyon (c.menard@ibmc-cnrs.unistra.fr) and to Barbara Richichi (barbara.richichi@unifi.it) before 30th June 2022.

The applications will be evaluated by the INNOGLY Training School Committee (Niclas Karlsson, Anne Harduin Lepers, Winfried Römer, Ondrej Vanek, Angelina SA Palma).


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